the green pinkie

Green Wellness and Regenerative Living

the green pinkie

Green Wellness and Regenerative Living


Plants, humans, regenerative agriculture, canna/hemp/botanical health, 

social and economic innovation. 

Green Girls, Gals and Grannies (and their friends) Gather here. green wellness regenerative living

The COVID Green Pinkie

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Gaia's Garden: A Guide to Homescale Permaculture (Toby Hemenway)

Consilience (E.O. Wilson)

Introduction to Permaculture (Bill Mollison)

Food Not Lawns (Heather Jo Flores)

Between Two Ages: The 21st Century and the Crisis of Meaning (William Van Dushan Wishard)

Green News and Studies (Links)


Plant Ladies Live Longer (Harvard Study)

Heather Jo Flores - Permaculture and Women

American Botanical Council & Herbalgram Magazine green wellness regenerative living

Forest Bathing For Health green wellness regenerative living

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